Aquarium fish - than to guide the choice
There are a huge number of varieties of aquarium fish, each of which has individual qualities and appearance. Aquarium fish are completely different shapes, sizes and colors. Choosing fish for…

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Compatible aquarium fish
Making the decision to start an aquarium, remember that fish are living creatures, like other Pets. They need to create a comfortable environment, and they need care and be sure…

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Selection of fish for a small aquarium

Picking up the fish in small aquariums up to 50 litres, should heed some advice from experienced aquarists. Buying your favorite fish, be sure to ask what size reaches the adult stage, because sometimes the small occupant of the home pond maybe in time turn into a large predator.

A good combination for a small aquarium can be considered a combination of fish: 5 platies, catfish Ancistrus – 3 individuals, 10 neons, 5 swordtails. Also nice to get Remora 3 catfish, 2 angelfish, 4 mossy of Mahseer. The optimum and such a combination: 3 swordsman, 5 Zebra fish, 2 spotted catfish, guppies 10. What kind of fish to buy, everyone decides for himself, and not necessarily on the above list – as long as they can peacefully coexist. The optimum number of fish determined based on the fact that 1 individual length of 5-7 cm had 3-5 liters of water.

Catfish in a small aquarium.

In a small aquarium catfish sucker will come in handy. This fish is unpretentious and undemanding in care, and she has a unique talent with his mouth-presencestate the walls of the aquarium from fouling green. In addition, the catfish pick up from the bottom of the pond the fallen crumbs of food and waste products of the neighbours dwelling. Such talents catfish-suckers often encourage aquarists to the acquisition of several individuals.

Almost all sucker fish during the day hiding behind all sorts of shelters, and are activated at night. And other ancistrus species of catfish prefer dim and indirect lighting. As for water, it must always maintain a clean and every week need to replace our 30 %, and the temperature should be not higher than 25°C. the Compulsory condition is the installation of the aeration system and filtration.

Catfish-ancistrus belongs to the family of armored catfishes. Its natural habitat is mountain streams in South America, Venezuela and Peru. This fish has the body elongated and slightly flattened form, the massive head. Most common color is black with lots of splashes of bright color, but color may vary even to a light beige color.

These aquatic life mouth arranged in the form of suction cups with many hornlike processes – with their help the fish cling to the aquarium wall, stones and driftwood. For these fish extremely peace-loving, they get along wonderfully with their neighbors. Ancistrus can be considered irreplaceable small fish in the home aquarium.