Marine aquarium fish. The Council

Marine aquarium fish have become today a subject of interest to avid hobbyists, they make a welcome exoticism in a city apartment. Now you can relax on the shore of his home “the ocean”.

Settlement of a marine aquarium is a very important step, because his techniques and work have a number of features that are not familiar to owners of freshwater aquariums. Now you have to monitor the salinity, density and hardness of the water, the level of nitrite, the acid-alkaline balance and support necessary for marine fish temperature and regularly check the filter system. Installing a saltwater aquarium is quite a time-consuming process . it will take approximately 6-10 weeks and can be accelerated by adding live rock and live aragonite sand, they will act as catalysts of biocycle. The reward for the weeks work will be a miniature “sea” or “ocean” in the middle of the apartment. Below we list the most popular types of saltwater fish that are highly valued by modern aquarists.

Fishes for the marine aquarium

Surgeon fish . This is one of the most popular and affordable marine fish species, which is suitable for beginners. These fish can be easily recognized by the oval body and eyes set high in his forehead protruding. The name of the surgeons was due to scalpellini the spikes that are on each side of kostovinski. Fish uses them only when absolutely necessary. The length of fish-surgeons varies from 15 to 60 cm. it is Desirable that the neighbors in the aquarium were not larger than the surgeon, then he will not pay attention to them and quietly engaged in the study of scenery.

The clown fish . These fish became a favorite of hobbyists due to the bright colour — red-orange stripe black-rimmed. This is a fairly peaceful fish that can be kept with the sea dogs, gobies, cardinals, fish, butterfly and others. But eels, groupers, lionfish and triggerfish to bright clowns do not podnesite. In nature these fish hiding in the tentacles of anemones. If you are not able to plant these invertebrates, the clowns can perfectly do without them.

The fish protein or fish-soldiers . This is a small fish with big eyes and sharp fins. They can not boast of bright color (the basic tone of the fish copper red), but these fish are very picky. The day the fish protein is hidden in caves and grottoes, of which you, by the way, should worry, but at night goes hunting for plankton and small fish.

The wrasse . It is a peaceful fish of medium size. It is also known as a fish-cleaner in that it destroys the parasites from the skin of other fish. Thus, the wrasse will nurse your aquarium, as well as its decoration, as famous for its variety of bright colors.

Grouper . This fish will look very majestic in your home “the ocean”, but remember that grouper is a predator who is willing to fight for their territory. So this kind of fish can coexist with the other inhabitants of the aquarium just in case “ocean” will be spacious enough.

Popular marine fish include triggerfish, kuzuki (fish balls), angelfish, butterfly fish (pantodon), lionfish, batfish, platax and many others. Before buying be sure to check with a specialist how to care for specific species, what species they can live in the same area, and which will be feuding. Only then will an artificial “ocean” will become a real home for your Pets.