Diving in Goa – Arriva

Diving in Goa is different from diving in other places that you can see not only the coral reefs and exotic underwater world of the Arabian sea, but also explore ancient shipwrecks.

The average water temperature +27-28°C, visibility on average is 6-12 meters. The best diving season in Goa is from October to March.

Attractive than diving in Goa

The marine fauna of the Arabian sea is very diverse: stingrays, sea turtles, colourful tropical fish, Barracuda and cuttlefish – look at what is really there. However, the main thing that attracts divers to the shores of the Indian ocean are many sunken ships ranging from the ancient Galleons the Portuguese rule and ending with the remains of ships during the Second world war. Many of these courts have so far not investigated, which fuels the passion of the “hunters”.

Before making deep dives, make sure that you

what in your diving insurance is included.

Areas for scuba diving in Goa

The Grand Island

The most popular place for scuba diving in Goa. It is a 15 min boat ride from Bogmalo beach (South Goa). Here both experienced and novice diver will find a route to his liking:

“The wreckage Susie” (Suzy”s Wreck). Desimone to see the wreck in the 1930s cargo ship, whose skeleton has long overgrown with corals and became a refuge of hundreds of tropical fish. The level of divers – any;

“Floating rock” (Sail Rock). The so-called underwater rock whose top protrudes from the sea 10 meters. It is home to rays, sharks and large fish. This route is only for experienced divers, as strong currents here;

“The sailors grave” (Davy Jones Locker). Completely the remains of this wreck have not been found, which is the main reason for the popularity of this place. Only for experienced divers;

Reef Amma-Gamma (Umma Gumma Reef ) is the ideal place for divers of any level of education. Rocky bottom teeming with tropical fish: snappers, sea angels, fish, Scorpions are everywhere. Sometimes you can see reef sharks.

“Secluded Bay” (Shelter Cove ). This route was chosen by novice divers: sandy bottom, good visibility, lots of beautiful tropical fish. Secluded Bay called because in kalagh and sea caves hiding turtles.

“Quay” (The Jetty). An abandoned jetty on the sandy beach. Here is quite shallow and small waves, so many here prefer to snorkel.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon island, which is located in the neighboring state Karnataka, the second most popular resort among divers. Same beautiful routes – the “Station Grand Central” (Grand Central Station), “Aquarium Jenny” (Jenny’s Aquarium), “Delight Dini and the Abyss” (Dini”s Delight and The Abyss), the Nursery (The Nursery).

The Island Of Agatti

Another popular location for diving, largely due to the visibility of 30 m. There is a coral reef, you see turtles, sharks, countless marine life. Agatti the island is great for diving training

The price for diving in Goa

Basically the diving in Goa is about 50-70 $ for a two-day training course with 2 pogruzheniya. This includes instructor services, equipment and transfer. Standard dive lasts 45 minutes. As a rule, all the hotels of Goa are equipped with diving centers, where you can book a tour, go through training and obtain necessary equipment. Upon completion of the certificate of PADI.

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