Types of aquarium fish
Fans of the aquarium there is an almost limitless choice — from goldfish, the most famous of all our domestic aquatic animals, the magnificent species of fish of the tropical…

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What's the use of marine fish? (The main thing that distinguishes marine fish from freshwater is far greater content of complete protein)
Many of you know, the fish – a valuable product for our body. It contains a lot of useful and necessary substances for our health. But not very many people…

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The Maritime aquarium at home

I think that every lover of the beautiful there in my dreams to dive into the exotic underwater scenery of the coral reef. Transparent crystal water, enchanting design of the marine landscape and fantastic forms and colors of underwater inhabitants. But this dream can be realized, not necessarily go scuba diving and go far enough to find some space in the apartment for aquarium marine type. As in freshwater aquarium, it is difficult to create such vivid and unusual setting. Though this beauty is significantly more expensive, complex and requires constant care. Marine life is more gentle to the environment, quality and composition of water, its temperature parameters.

Types of marine aquariums

The most affordable option – aquarium for small aquatic animals such as clowns, chrysiptera, thalassoma. These fish coexist peacefully in a single vessel. This “Sea pond” with its calm and bright colors.

“Pond predators” allows you to keep large marine animals: Moray eels, triggerfish, grouper. This aquarium is much more difficult to contain and for home use it is not well suited. This underwater window, great to decorate an office or public reception office.

“Reef aquarium” recreates the beautiful but very challenging the biome of the coral reef. Basically this is a live redlichkeitstheorie corals and reef inhabitants. This tank is not for large fish that pollute water and feed on crustaceans. It is best to settle small colourful species living among coral and in nature.

In the aquariums of the mixed type contain sensitive to the purity of the water environment angelfish and butterfly fish, and sea creatures such as starfish, shrimp, anemones and hermit crabs. It is very important to care for these residents is the composition of sea water, no organic contaminants.

Features of the window into the sea

It is known that the larger the vessel size, the opportunity to create a truly marine landscape, habitat, colonize interesting species of underwater inhabitants. Seriously talking about a saltwater aquarium, you must have a capacity not less than 200 l. After 2.5 cm of adult fish must be at least 9 l of water. But there is still coral, design elements, soil, crustaceans, pieces of reefs at the rate of not less than 5 kg per 30 liters of water.

Although recently gaining popularity from the small 20 litre up to 150 litre tanks, but they are not durable and poor in variety. Attracts only a small price of cheap and simple equipment.

Of course, larger aquariums more than 1000 liters are hard to find, typical volume of the vessel is up to 700 L. This is because a large weight of water enclosed in a container exerts pressure on the floor or Cabinet. Don’t forget about it, ordering a bigger aquarium in a city apartment. The property has the possibility to strengthen the base for large vessels.

The best size for a saltwater aquarium: length about 2 m, height 85 cm and width 0.5 m. Vessels greater height will not create a sustainable biome and represent the difficulty in caring for them, because the long arm will not reach the bottom.

Remember that for a saltwater aquarium is not very suitable acrylic glass, as the salt water it forms growths, attempts to remove them result in scratches on the glass.

Feng Shui and aquarium fish
Among the methods of a harmonious space, according to practitioners of Feng Shui . water and symbols of water occupy the last place. An aquarium with fish . located in…


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The trout belongs to the Salmon family (Salmonidae). Researchers believe that trout and char are the forms (subspecies) of trout (Salmo trutta), and lake Sevan and Amu Darya — independent…

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