In the centre of Rome in the Tiber river, a huge 2-meter-long fish jumping out of rivers, catch and eat birds, politisk to the water's edge. Watch the unusual sight, they say, from any of the numerous bridges spanning the river capital...
However, the bloodthirsty river predators not only hunt for unwary birds. To "risk being eaten" are also dogs and coastal otters, not to mention the smaller creatures – mice and…

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Fish guppies and catfish - Online magazine for women
Guppy is quite a peaceful fish. They will not offend their neighbors in the aquarium, as it is not capable of such atrocities. But other types of fish will be…

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The facts about sharks. Interesting facts

Today our article will be about a very ancient creatures of the animal world that lived before dinosaurs and sharks. So there you go.

• At the moment the science there are about 350 species of sharks, but scientists believe that there are unexplored species.

• The size of sharks vary greatly. The smallest known shark is the dwarf shark glowing. It has a size

no more human hands. The greatest number of sharks include a large whale it often exceeds 10 meters in length. There are reports of specimens 18 and 20 meters. Despite their enormous size, they feed only on plankton and small crustaceans.

• The shark is a fish, moreover it has no bones in his body. The entire skeleton of sharks consists of cartilage.

• In order to breathe, a shark must constantly swim. The fact that these fish can’t move the Gill covers to pump water through the gills. So it is always in motion, so that the water enters the mouth passed through the gills and body enriched with oxygen. Another reason why most sharks spend their lives in perpetual motion is that the density of their bodies is higher than that of water. If a shark stopped swimming, it not only suffocates and begins to go down. However, it is worth mentioning that there are many species that can rest on the bottom and they are not required to swim for life.

• Sharks are the nurses of the seas and oceans.In addition to hunting they eat all the carrion you are. Not infrequently in the stomachs of captured sharks found quite inedible items such as: tires from cars, license plates, konservnye banks. fishing hooks, etc.

• Sharks can empty the stomach of any foreign objects. Periodically, when the fish feels in the stomach had accumulated a lot of unnecessary and inedible, it turns your stomach inside out through the mouth and thus spits out all the unnecessary parallel cleaning it with sea water.

• Sharks are at the top of the food chain in the ocean. Like the superiority of man on land, shark ruled the sea. Most people are terrified of sharks because of the stories in the press about stalnyh attacks on people. Actually from bee stings and lightning strikes killed hundreds of times more people than from shark attacks. Moreover, 90% of people survived after the attack of this toothy fish.

• Sharks attack more men than women and no one can explain why.

• These predatory fish have a very developed sense of smell and sight, and are able to capture the electromagnetic pulses. For example, they can smell one drop of blood in a million drops of water. Or with the ability to feel electromagnetic impulses to seek out the fish in the sand or in the dark. The thing is. when the movement of the muscles, any fish emits a very weak electromagnetic pulse. The shark instantly it picks up and calculates the location of the prey.

• Sharks can grow new teeth in return, the old and dropped out. Despite the condition and how many fish years. new teeth will grow in place of the lost.

• Sharks do not feel pain. In their thick skin, very little receptor, but it is not the main reason. In their body produces a special substance that blocks the pain receptors and the signal does not reach the brain.

Thus nature has created a perfect creature, but man, it does not stop. The number of sharks in the oceans has decreased by 80% from initial and continues to decline due to the brutal catch for fins and liver.