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Thanks to its favorable geographical location and stable climate Lithuania is a very attractive place for many types of fishing. Suffice it to say that within the state there are nearly three thousand lakes and numerous ponds, some ponds, the depth can reach 60 meters. The main water body of the Baltic sea has a long coastline. Local fishermen and European tourists the most popular places for fishing are the Delta of the Nemunas river and bodies of water national parks Aukstaitija and Žemaitija.

In this area you can catch large specimens of pike, Zander, catfish and perch. For example, the biggest pike caught here weighed 30 kg and kgs – 50 kgs. Also in the rivers of the Nemunas Delta there is a possibility of catching salmon and trout. By the way, trout is listed in the Red book of Lithuania. This measure contributed to the restoration of its population. The main method of fishing is spinning with the use of various revolving and oscillating spoons and other spinning baits. The water here is the ideal place for fishermen fishermen. For lovers of quiet catching enough places to sit with a fishing rod on the shore and catch bream, carp krasnoperku. In the last decade in Lithuania there appeared a lot of different fishing clubs specializing in fishing for carp, which you can catch on the waters of these clubs. Individual instances of carp can reach 30 pounds. the surrounding nature and landscape ponds create a favorable impression and feeling of fishing.

With regard to sea fishing, it is the most popular destination is the Baltic sea coast in Palanga and on the Curonian spit. There is a fairly large species variety of fish. The main object of the marine catch is cod. Sea fishing is possible from shore and from boats, yachts and boats. For sea fishing enthusiasts will be interested in fishing with access to the sea at Qatar. To hire a ship captain can in cities such as Palanga. Klaipeda and in some coastal villages. As a rule, the captain knows the time and place where the fish caught is best, so the catch is always guaranteed.

Fishing in Lithuania is possible throughout the year. Even when all the ponds holds down the ice, well here continues to be caught from under the ice burbot, perch, pike. At the same time there catching trophy fish perch and pike. Winter is a popular mormyshka fishing, with bait, or without, as well as fishing on bleszinki and balancers.

For fishing in Lithuania requires a special card, which can be purchased at many fishing shops. All anglers ages 16 to 65 must purchase these cards.

Recently gaining popularity both individual and group fishing tours to Lithuania. Using the services of one of the many travel agencies, it is possible to obtain accurate information about the intricacies of fishing in a specific spot.