Deadly fish of the tropical seas

In tropical seas poisonous fish is not unusual. From them should stay away, as the poison some of them fatal to humans. Moreover, poisoning and death can cause not only biting fish, but the use of them as food.

Threat by eating the so-called coral fish, and benthic, which live on the seabed. Many lagoon and reef fish are also poisonous meat. Pick out generally: if there is any doubt about the safety of seafood, it is better to give them up! Toxins poisonous fish have no taste, because almost completely dissolve in water. They are also not subject to disintegration during heat treatment. So that grilled or poached fish – not so safe. Also, be aware that many birds have an immunity to the toxins of fish, so if you see a bird, quietly eating fish, do not rush to chase and eat the remains of the feast. What is good for the birds, for you can be fatal!

Symptoms of poisoning fish poison occur rapidly. Among them – numbness, itching, “jumps” in temperature from chills to fever, nausea. In case of occurrence of such symptoms should immediately clean the stomach through the vomiting reflex. Induce vomiting by ingestion of conventional markovity or egg whites. And if there is any medical remedy, and to invent nothing. Itching can be calm cool shower.

Also beware of those fish that like to swap roles with you as the “hunter” and “victim”. These are usually equipped with poisonous means of self – defense- spines, such as the fish and stone fish-surgeon, or radiation bones of the fins, the lionfish (also known as fish-Scorpion). The poison of these fish causes extreme pain. Therefore, when walking on the shallow sea be sure to wear the shoes, and for probing the ground and the bottom of the recess use a pole-probe.

Poisonous water if you got stung, you must immediately rinse the wound with plenty of water. As in the case of snake bite, the venom must suck. To do this across the wound a small incision. After the maximum amount of poison removed, immerse the affected limb in hot water for 40 minutes – 50. The water should be as hot as you can endure. It “stung” to the torso or head apply hot compresses. After steaming the wound, rinse again, coat with antiseptic and bandage it. I am sure that there is an antiseptic in the medicine Cabinet of any traveller aware of the danger of local flora and fauna.

Among fish predators, floating in tropical seas, are distinguished sea bass, which lives among the reefs, rocks and in underwater caves, and stone perch – mero – grip which when the bite is not inferior to the wolf. By the way, to weaken the jaw mero is possible only one way – to cut off his head. Let me try something else – you risk to tear with the teeth of perch a piece of my flesh. Although… In a different way is unlikely, since mero very sticky when touched. And don’t forget the other denizens of the deep, long-established as enemies of divers, sea snakes. They bite rarely, but neatly, so they just go around (or obliviate) side.