Deadly fish of the tropical seas
In tropical seas poisonous fish is not unusual. From them should stay away, as the poison some of them fatal to humans. Moreover, poisoning and death can cause not only…

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Sea fishing
If you are bored with ours, river or lake. fishing and pike on 6-7 kg not seem a large catch and a worthy opponent, then perhaps it's time to try…

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Types of fishing in Norway

River fishing in Norway

Always gives an opportunity for all fishermen of the world to test themselves in catching of salmon and other fish. Annually from 150.000 to 200.000 copies of the silvery Atlantic salmon caught in Norwegian rivers. From small. to just the same giant size. Awesome in its power Namsen. leisurely. deep Tana. the breathtaking Alta, Gaula raging waves. winding Numedal. These are just a few of the 450 Norwegian rivers, which is found in salmon. The season starts from early June to late August. And in some areas. depending on the climate. from mid-may to end of September. The peak falls on the period from June 20 to July 20. Fishing in August can also be very successful. since salmon at this time goes to the lower reaches of rivers to spawn. You have complete freedom of action, you can either release your catch. or you can take it with you. Your catch You can freeze. smoke or cook in the Norwegian style .

The best salmon rivers of Norway :

1. Lakselv ( Lakselv ) occurs in the region of Finnmark. Her name perevode so oznachaet ” Salmon Rechenka “. It is more convenient for fishing fishing. thanks otsutstvie dense vegetation will shores and many meanders at the confluence of rekev Porsangen fjord. In Lakselv salmon nachinaet wrap near mid-July. consequently, the best vrmeni for fishing is considered to be August .

2. Gaula (gaula) in Rheine-Trøndelag is considered to be o – ne of the best salmon rivers in Europe for sport fishing. It refers to the waters of the Trondheim fjord, and is known as a big salmon, and its considerable quantity.

3. Namsen (Namsen) in Nord-Trøndelag, where natchalo fishermen put English lords, priezzheva here in the 1850s They invented that neither is known at this time method luoli on the river – Harling.

4. Flam (flåm) is a mountain Rechenka in the reg – ion of Sogn og-Thorne, vpadaya in Aurland fjord. The final 4 kilometers of taenia RCTs are the premises of the spawning salmon, then fishing is allowed only fly fishing.

The local hotel “Fretheim” leads 2.5 km to the fishing area at the bottom of the river, which is divided into 16 water bodies. It uses rotational fishing: the angler is forced to chase, going from one area to another. The period lasts from 1 July to 31 August. Salmon are carefully guarded, as a consequence, there is a quota on the catch. In Anne district has Norwegian the middle of untamed salmon.

5. Verdal (Verdal) in Nord-Trøndelag offers about 30 miles of quality fishing. Like other rivers of this region, it is known ulama in the Period from 12 to 16 kg. – Etna 3 months. In addition in June in real from the Trondheim fjord come especially larger specimen and during July and August average size.

Seasons: main season from may to September, although popular and ice fishing. River fishing for salmon in Norway in June – August.