The inhabitants of the red sea

We continue to publish messages to students 4 “A” class. Today, under the heading the Corrs we offer to Your attention a story about the inhabitants of the red sea, which has prepared us for Khrebtova Natasha. Natasha as though he were about to go on a trip and that it went well, learned the most dangerous inhabitants of the red sea.

Shark – the largest and most dangerous predator of the red sea, this sea has about 30 shark species, 2nd most dangerous is the tiger shark that attacks people and long-winged shark. Some argue that even there white shark. the most dangerous shark in the world, but evidence of this until no. Can someone put these rumors to scare people. But no need to fear, these sharks are only in the open sea, and near the shores they don’t float.

Stingrays are inhabitants of the red sea they are of two types. electric scat and scat hvostokol. The first type has a property to let an electric discharge, it is dangerous because it is painful and possible pareticheski shock. And the second type at the end of the tail has a spike with poison. This injection very painful and the wound is healing long after the injection. Sea urchins. Why are they dangerous? First, they are barbed, so when it comes, is painful, and in-the second, its needles are poisonous. Stepping on it you will feel a paralysis of the limbs of the body, severe pain, burning.

Barracuda fish – this fish is dangerous because it has very sharp teeth, like the blade, it is considered one of the fastest fish in the sea and can instantly develop greater speed.It grows up to two meters, but people should not be afraid, because the Barracuda feeds on small fish.

Moray – at first glance, the fish is very scary, not beautiful, like a snake, it has neither scales nor fins. Coloration in Moray eels is different, the color of camouflage depending on where it lives. It is nocturnal, during the day you do them you will not see in the water, they lie somewhere in the gorges and relax

Sea snake is dangerous inhabitants of the red sea, their venom is several times stronger from Cobra venom. But the action of the poison is very slow. If you are bitten by a snake, you have time to get out of the water and to call an ambulance (or you will be taken to the hospital) where you will be given the antidote.

Starfish belongs to the class of invertebrates, they come in different sizes from 1 cm to 1 meter. Coloration varies, depending on their type, its rays have spines that are poisonous. When it comes, it is very painful at the injection site redness and burning.

Sea mollusk, the Cone is very poisonous, in any case do not take it up, if it ever stings you, his poison immediately begins paralysis of the limbs. You may stop breathing stepping analiticheskii shock. Not worth much to worry, Yes, in the red sea many dangerous inhabitants . but they attack very rarely. In the forest, too, have different predators. wolf, lynx, bear, but you still go there. And the day they are practically impossible to find, and also in the Red sea, and in the daytime these inhabitants are resting in the depths or in the canyons. So no need to be afraid, just be careful and follow the minimum recommendations :

2. do not swim in the open sea 3. do not swim at night 4. stay out of the water when you have a cut on parts of the body (by the blood). Here are the tips gives us Natasha. Maybe someday they will come in very handy.

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