Black sea
The illumination of the sea. In the Black sea there is a sparkling glow due to the outbreaks of small and microscopic marine organisms (nochesvetka, peritonei) and representing a single…

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Tropical aquarium fish, hardy water plants, start aquarium
Where fish feel good Many dream though time to look at the secret underwater world of the Amazon or the current in the jungles of Thailand, the Creek. Or ever…

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Types of aquarium fish Amur

Types of aquarium fish. Tips for choosing fish for a beginner aquarist.

The aquarium, with its fabulous inhabitants is very popular among us urban lovers of nature and animals, especially those who are always busy. Walking fish do not have a lot of time and effort to care for them is not required. A fascinating spectacle – the monitoring of floating beautiful creatures reduces stress and brings joy. There are a huge number of different aquarium fish. They are divided into families: carp, pelleve, solovinye, toothcarps, haratsinovye, aderinoye, okunevaya, homotaurine.

If you are a novice variomat, you can’t go wrong by having a representatives of the poeciliidae. A very common fish of this family are: swordtails, guppies, platys and mollies are one of the most unpretentious (with the exception of maybe the mollies velifera – it requires a lot of experience). These small bright fish get along well with other non-aggressive neighbors.

The carp family is a goldfish, barb ( barbs there are many). zebrafish, telescopes, Valuehost, Labe, akantoftalmus, Saigon (water eyes), cardinal, Rasbora, comet, tanco, oranda, livingonlove, the pearl, carnegiella, Botia, astrologer, pearl gourami. We can say that the fish of this family are the most common in modern aquarium husbandry. Many of them fabulously beautiful. Most neprihotlivye peaceful, but there are exceptions: for example, botsiya marble is very aggressive, the two-tone Labe too can be aggressive fish suitable for more experienced avaimesta. Some of them have features as follows: require content in the aquarium or species content of the fish flock.

Solovinye fish is also very popular. These include ancistrus, Siamese whale, loricaria, littoral, mystus, spotted catfish, catfish melkogalechnyj, Golden, and speckled glass catfish, striped platyderus, Taraxacum, hastatus, silb striped, clarias som. Most soms unpretentious and peaceful, combined with other fish. Many of them love twilight and various shelters.

To toothcarps are aphyosemion, lineatus, netbranch, playfire, blue pheasant, Penelope vitae, balloon, snowflake sailing. Some of them are unpretentious, the other part is the content. Some jagged and biting the fins of other fish.

Haratsinovye is Kerry inpaint, distichum krasnolesnyy, Congo, tetras, minor, macherot, nannostomus, neon, ornatus, poecilobrium, piranha, pristella, hilodus, flashlight. Most of the fish in this group are recommended to contain the flock, like many large aquariums and plenty of greenery. Among them there are both peaceful and very dangerous like the piranha, for example.

Aderinoye fish are peaceful and get along with other peaceful fish. To terenowymi are: rainbow fish, sunbeam, bedotia, treholta donaciinae.

Okunevaya fish – astronotus, Akara blue-spotted, apistos, auratus, discus, Zebra, polycentrus, nannacara anomala, perch, pelmatogram Thomas, cichlids, angelfish, Princess of Burundi, cichlasoma diamond, houara. gourami, pompom, cock, dwarf gourami. Most of them are peaceful, but there are aggressive members, the type of Cockerel. Many unpretentious. Some are suitable only for experienced aquarists content, are costly.

To homotherium the fish is macrognathus. This is a peaceful fish with nocturnal activity.