Sea catfish

Soma mutants

Stupid lost, because the whole journalistic Kiev knew of the “Goat” name Coleby headed paper. I don’t even know what Vladimir Yurevich now, but in the years of perestroika, this bright, talented man managed to turn their modest newspaper in the powerful impact on the readers edition “Independence” never before surpassed in Ukraine with a circulation of 1.5 million copies.

Thanks to all Kuleba in “the goat” was the first time for our media – format, topics, unprecedented efficiency publications. It is the chief offered us once a week to receive the so-called “Mulk”. The genre is were pamphlets on the topic of the day. Before the day of Stalin’s birth, for example, we printed “Mulk” that, judging by the photos, one mustachioed leader of all Nations never had, and in the center of the created item management system at different times were four of his double. To say that the Soviet people were actually afraid of the void in the heart of despotic power; that Stalin had created the most powerful bureaucracy in the world, and she created Stalin, in my view, still relevant.

After the Chernobyl disaster, the main health officer of Ministry of health of the USSR tov. The simple kondrusev by Executive order, raised the permitted limit of water pollution by radionuclides 1000 times, and the water in the river immediately became clean on national indicators. These standards, incidentally, are still in place.And all who doubted the crystal purity of the river water, hypocritically accused in the notorious “radio-phobia”. Kuleba was asked to write “Mulk” on this topic. We with Vasily Anisimov, without thinking, wrote, with reference to non-existent scientists of the Institute, note that because of the radiation in the river there was a huge catfish – mutants. They, supposedly, eat ducks, herons and other water birds, attack submarine hunters, Stoke row boats, and one utterly brazen Samara even nearly sunk the ship.

Fast printing all this wicked nonsense on a typewriter, Bob asked me: how can be called a ship, floating in the Zaporozhye region? I replied that “Zaporozhets”. Anisimov angrily said that my head was full of newspaper stamps and offered for a non-existent ship is much more “original” name”Dneprovets”. I didn’t argue. And you ought to happen a week after the publication of “Mulk” in the editorial appeared a burly man in a marine uniform, said he was the captain of the sunken catfish mutant ship “Dneprovets” and asked me to show him the man who wrote such a monstrous lie.

The history of catfish with the mutants have a funny sequel. When I worked in the “Evening news”, one cute Internet girl brought me this “Mulk”, as it is quite serious stuff, and over their own signature. “Oh times! O mores!”