Ponds - buy garden pond and for pond Aquarium Interior
Ponds . waterfalls, streams, cascades and fountains are an integral part of modern landscape design, is used to design areas of private estates, residential areas and various places of resort…

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Geography river and sea fishing in Lithuania - Russian fishing, a directory of articles about fishing
Thanks to its favorable geographical location and stable climate Lithuania is a very attractive place for many types of fishing. Suffice it to say that within the state there are…

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The trout is a Predatory fish – Fish Sverdlovsk oblast – All about fishing – Fishing in the Sverdlovsk region

The trout belongs to the Salmon family (Salmonidae). Researchers believe that trout and char are the forms (subspecies) of trout (Salmo trutta), and lake Sevan and Amu Darya — independent species. As for rainbow trout, in the opinion of many scholars, this is a residential form of Steelhead salmon.

Brown trout (Salmo trutta m. lacustris) inhabits the lakes of the North-West of the country and the Caucasus. On spawning rises in most rivers and streams flowing into the lake, and sometimes remains in the reservoir. After spawning, the fry portion is rolled back into the lake, and some remains in the river, replenishing the population of brook trout.

Brown trout (Salmo trutta m. fario) is widely distributed in the European part of the USSR. Scholars acknowledge that the brook and brown trout is a very plastic form, easily passing from one to another. Brook trout is particularly popular among anglers (often referred to as char). Externally this is one of the most beautiful salmon. In the color of her body is covered with black and red spots, there are all colors of the rainbow. It avoids bodies of water, where the temperature rises above 20 — 21 degrees, preferring clean and oxygen-rich water. Inhabits in relatively cold streams and rivers in mountain areas and in lowland water bodies. In the first, where the feed is small, the weight of the trout rarely exceed 0.5 kilograms, and secondly, where the conditions boleslawiecka, grows to 1 — 1.5 kg, sometimes even up to 5 pounds.

The hunt for the trout complex, but fascinating, fans of her is becoming more. It is therefore very important to keep this beautiful fish, strictly observe the rules of fishing, to catch trout that have not reached sexual maturity. Even more important to protect trout waters from harmful pollution.

The fishing is the most important stage that defines the whole strategy of fishing. To find the pond, where trout, not too hard, but this is not enough.

Success requires more specific information that can be obtained from experienced anglers or “get” yourself, trying to catch in different parts of re

I. we must Not forget also about the rules of recreational fishing, which in many republics and regions of different. Somewhere in her catch no restrictions, in other regions, by contrast, a complete ban on its catch. And different rules of origin.

Season trout — fish that spawn in autumn, usually begins with the opening of the rivers. However, where the warm waters in winter does not freeze, it is possible to fish in winter if it is not prohibited by the fishing rules, though she is at this time quite passively.

Some surge activity is observed when the river come the first melt water. The earth at this time has not yet thawed, so the water in the river remains quite transparent. However, great success at this time should not wait.

Early spring trout can be found in the so-called winter places — pits, the eddies below rapids, with moderate stream, that is, where there is a food of the larvae of the caddis worms, frogs, small fish. When the water level begins to rise and it becomes turbid, to determine Parking trout very difficult.

Fishing for trout with a float, spinning and fly tackle.

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