Calories fish: life-giving gifts of the sea!

Caloric content of fish is much lower calorie meat. Which fish is the least calorie, and what are the beneficial properties inherent in this product, we learn from the table of caloric content of fish .

To begin with, that any fish – sea, river, caught in the lake or in the ocean, this stunning gift of nature. Because of their rich chemical composition, fish dishes are part of a variety of therapeutic, prophylactic, dietetic and children’s menu, and take a prominent place among other foods .

Being one of the most mysterious and unique chemical entities on the Earth, the water gives us really a great source of essential vitamins and minerals. Judge for yourself: fish is an important source of vitamin b, it contains vitamins A, D, E, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and even sea fish are rich in iodine and fluorine, and contains almost the entire periodic table!

Fish is the richest source of high quality protein, containing all amino acids required by the human. In this case, due to the low content in fish protein of connective tissue, represented mainly by easily soluble collagen, fish is digested and absorbed in the body much easier than meat .

But that the most valuable fish is the fact that it assetselection source of polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6. Unlike fats meat and poultry, fish oils are really “life-giving”. They reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, and the formation of cancer cells and stimulate the growth and strengthening of bones, teeth and gums, and improve the condition of skin and hair.

What is the caloric value of fish ?

The caloric value of freshwater fish are much lower caloric content of the diet of meat – beef. It can be compared with fruits and vegetables. However, it should be understood that as the amount of protein and the caloric content of fish varies depending on its type. So, freshwater river and lake fish is much less fatty and calories, and contain less valuable nutrients than their marine and oceanic counterparts. Well, the caloric content of marine fish is comparable to chicken meat, or meat with no fatty beef. While the nutritional value for salmon or Steelhead almost 1.5 times more than chicken legs.

Therefore, on the one hand, fish is an essential product for those who are struggling with excess weight, on the other hand fatty fish is better not to get involved, and to periodically include in your diet in small quantities.

It turns out that contrary to popular opinion that fish can replace meat. this has to be handled competently. Include in your diet fresh (not frozen) fish, boiled or steamed (not smoked, salted, or canned) vegetables. and you will get a balanced and harmless for the body menu, not lost in the cooking process its beneficial properties.

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