In the centre of Rome in the Tiber river, a huge 2-meter-long fish jumping out of rivers, catch and eat birds, politisk to the water’s edge. Watch the unusual sight, they say, from any of the numerous bridges spanning the river capital…

However, the bloodthirsty river predators not only hunt for unwary birds. To “risk being eaten” are also dogs and coastal otters, not to mention the smaller creatures – mice and rats.

As terrifying and abnormal, from the point of view of animal evolution, a phenomenon that occurs at any time of the day or night. Still, most river predators attack at night.

As it turns out, these river monsters – nothing like soma. But this is no ordinary “peace” catfish, inhabitants of freshwater reservoirs, and the soma-mutants.What happened to river catfish?

Researchers from the French University of Toulouse, thoroughly examining the phenomenon of “improper feeding of fish”, explained in such a strange and atypical behavior som mutants blame poor environment, leading to depletion of river bed, reported the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”.

For lack of food “in the water”,the food giants have begun to lunge at any prey in the environment: pigeons and some mammals, imprudently approaching the water. Were reported isolated cases of attacks and soms per person.

Do not neglect mustachioed fish-mutants and carrion – in the belly of caught in the Tiber individuals have found not only a dog but also human(!) remains.

River catfish (Silurus glanis) is the largest freshwater fish that can reach 3 m in length and weigh up to 150 kg of the river Brought to Italy from Eastern Europe. Successfully got accustomed, adapted and multiplied in great numbers.

Most people in Italy don’t eat catfish is “not customary for Romans catfish for lunch to cook” and “feeds on carrion”. But the Italian anglers catfish-catching giants (but only for sport!), calling them “monsters”.

And the question immediately arises: where then to go away soma, the food and unclaimed discerning Italians? Maybe soms sell from-under floors without licenses and permits, to fish restaurants where they are served on a platter as the fish under the guise of expensive noble fish species, such as swordfish? Alas, such a substitution is practiced in Milan.

And gullible tourist by ordering expensive fish dish instead of seafood eating “ordinary catfish, cannibalistic”…