Whales in the Black sea

I was introduced to reader’s letter “Change” V. Karataeva from Voronezh. He writes to the editor: “. In the fall I was vacationing on the black sea coast. Ya big fan of fishing, made friends there with an old fisherman. Once he told me, among other things, that in the Black sea were the whales. But he no details about it does not know. After returning home, I mentioned this fact to my friends in the shop, and I was scoffed at. I ask the editors to help me figure out if there was an old fisherman.”

I remembered that I had read something similar in one of the old magazines.

Indeed, reviewing the magazine “Nature and hunting”, who edited a well-known ichthyologist L. P. Sabaneyev, I found in the may book for 1880 the note, “the Capture of a whale in the Black sea”.

Here are some quotes from it: “In “Novorossiysk Telegraph” reported from Batum the following details of the capture of a whale in the Black sea.

Saturday, April 19, the city was a rumour, as if strengthening near Churuk-su washed up by the sea a monster; it turned out that it was a whale, unknown in what ways swim into the water of the black sea. He got stranded in the distance, as they say, no more than 50-60 yards from shore. Finding himself stranded, the poor animal was consumed in vain efforts to budge and scared only muddied the waters.

. By order of the officer was given a platoon of soldiers, kotiyagala barrage on the monster. Nine bullets hit him in the head; he was fatally wounded, but in its death throes began to rebel even more. Outfitted boats, and the fishermen were poisoned with ropes to pull him to shore. For a long time they tried to approach the whale. The waves are produced by his tail nearly knocked over a cow. Finally, when jacked up, the whale began to quiet down, managed to throw him the end of the tail. More than two hundred people began to drag him. It is said that when, a few when he awoke, he force waved his tail, all the guns fell to the ground.

In the end, the whale was pulled to shore dead. ”

At the end of the notes there was a PostScript:

“Recently received new news that, in addition to the killed whale, off the coast of the Caucasus locals saw another whale, which headed North”.

I was interested in this question. To verify the above, I addressed the all-Union scientific research Institute of marine fisheries and Oceanography – VNIRO.

– Imposed a fact really took place, – said the candidate of Sciences B. A. Zenkovich. Moreover, the skeleton of this whale has long been in a Museum in the South of our country. Killed in the Black sea the whales were minke whales, which usually do not exceed a length of ten meters and weigh up to six tons. Their meat is edible.

To go to the Black sea whale from the Mediterranean sea, where whales are not uncommon and at the present time. They could appear in the waters of the Black sea and now, if the relatively narrow Straits would not be such a big movement.

Keith could exist in the Black sea. Here to feed him enough. Would have been fed in the first place – the Hamsa. But to breed in the waters of the Black sea, the whale is not here: for he is not high enough water temperature. As you can see, the old fisherman was right.