Types of aquarium fish

Fans of the aquarium there is an almost limitless choice — from goldfish, the most famous of all our domestic aquatic animals, the magnificent species of fish of the tropical seas.

It is important not to settle in one aquarium incompatible species, but not to fall into the trap of smugglers, illegally importing protected species.

Fresh-water fish. Novice aquarists are advised to give preference to freshwater fish. Their breeding is much easier and cheaper, for them it is interesting to observe, finally, they look nice.

It is necessary to distinguish freshwater fish living in cold water and tropical freshwater species. First, not too many and less scenic, mostly belong to the family Cyprinidae. Among them there are varieties of gold fish (goldfish, fish-comet, Valuehost, known for its beautiful tail, fish-telescope, etc.). River fish (roach, perch, carp, bleak, minnow, gudgeon) well klimatiserede in the aquarium.

Tropical freshwater fish are averaging a huge number of species, they are often brightly colored. The most famous of these wonderful creatures belong to the family Poeciliidae, combining common species from India and Central America, such as guppies and swordtails. These latter have a rather unusual fish features. They are egg-viviparous:embryos develop in the genital passages of the female (she lays eggs, and produces fry). Females store sperm in a single mating to produce several successive litters of fry. Cyprinids (e.g., zebrafish and barbel) comprise 2000 species. Small, very cute and mostly quiet tetracy make up a significant part of the family of Characinids. The largest fish are cichlids: angelfish can reach 130 mm, and Jack Dempsey, as well as chanchita, — 175 mm. Labyrinth fish have a special respiratory mechanism, a maze, so it can retain the air, which is inhaled on the surface. Some, such as rumble fish, very aggressive. The family of Kalihtaw combines fish, characterized by a very curious behavior: they clean the aquarium, eating all that left their partners. It is clear that they are particularly fond of aquarists.

Marine fish.

Amateurs can start with acclimatization clown fish. Recognizable color — white wide stripes, they float, waddling side to side, and spend most of time near to Actinia. Triggerfish-clown, another beautiful marine fish, covered with different colored spots, there are two big white on the underparts. It’s quite aggressive, and it can be kept only singly.

Amateur big fishes can advise mero. It impresses with its size: some species grow to 25 cm in length.

Fish-Scorpion has a highly original appearance. Striped and covered in spines, this single fish is calm, slow and likes to eat.

The triggerfish have a reputation for being very hardy and intelligent fish. They attribute the passion to constantly change the interior of the tank, moving the plants and stones. Clenching your teeth, they make a characteristic grunting. Finally, they can take the vertical position.