Feng Shui and aquarium fish

Among the methods of a harmonious space, according to practitioners of Feng Shui . water and symbols of water occupy the last place. An aquarium with fish . located in the desired sector of your apartment will certainly attract in your house luck and prosperity.

If you have been thinking about getting Pets, aquarium fish is the best choice. Judge for yourself – no smell, puddles, noise, and unnecessary fuss – one solid harmony and beauty.

In order for your water element of Feng Shui worked in the right direction, you must do three things.

Choose the right shape and size of the aquarium, to purchase a specified number of fish and set it in the sector of your home where you need to activate the energy of luck.

Dimensions of aquarium in Feng Shui

Aquarium size must match the dimensions of the surrounding space. The principle of “more is better” in Feng-Shui inappropriate, it all depends on keeping the proportions.

Using a ruler Feng Shui, where indicated favorable Imperial sizes, relevant success in one or another area of your life, you can make an aquarium that will become your personal lucky mascot.

For example, the dimensions included in segment 245 — 256 mm will bring increased income, size, falling in the gap 202 — 215 mm, will give you confidence in good future, 378 — 402-mm – privlechenii in your house, and 429 — 432 mm will grant you and your family success and prosperity.

The configuration of the aquarium may be different, but better to choose the correct form: cubic, cylindrical, spherical or octahedral.

Installation of aquarium in Feng Shui

If you are interested in success and improve your financial situation, place in the South-Eastern part of your apartment aquarium square or rectangular shape. Placing the aquarium in the room right of the door when entering from outside, you can harmonize the energy flow of Qi that enters your home.

In the East of aquarium fish will add energy to health to the whole household. Round aquarium in the North sector of the apartment promises a successful career and promotion in service field.

Feng Shui aquarium is not put in the kitchen, in the bedroom and in the South of your home space. Ideally, aquarium fish placed in the common room – the living room or the lobby.

The number of fish in the aquarium according to Feng Shui

To harmonize the positive energy in your home, the number of fish in the aquarium should be a multiple of the number 3. This figure symbolizes Yang energy, the combination of two gold and one black fish activates the vital energy Qi.

Traditionally Chinese fish that brings luck and prosperity is carp breed. In the aquarium these include the veiltail, the so-called goldfish.

Whatever the number of fish present in your aquarium to monitor the water purity and health of the inhabitants required. Turbid water is more likely to lead to stagnation in business and the death of fish than to harmonize your life.

Watch out for its a good luck charm. take care of your Pets, and you always will be successful, rest assured!

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