Species of piranha – Aquarium fish, care and maintenance

Species of piranha about eight, here are the main ones:

Slender piranha or “piranha-pike” . The body of this piranha torpedovidnoj. Eyes red. The top fish is a little darker than underparts; abdomen with a yellowish tinge. Around the gills there is a small dark spot, about the size of the fish’s eyes. The body of this piranha reaches up to 25 cm in aquarium conditions. All fins, except the tail grey, the anal fin is dark band. The caudal fin in adults is very dark.

Dwarf piranha . Length up to 15 cm Has a slightly elongated body, narrow head and big mouth. Dwarf piranha, covered with small shining scales. In General, the color gray, with dark currents on the body, anal fin is bright orange. The caudal fin is dark.

Miley krasnolesnyy or Milews-moon . One of the most beautiful representatives of herbivorous piranhas. In artificial conditions, it grows to 15 cm Has a slightly elongated body, a discoid shape. The eyes are large. The whole body is silver, there are many yellow-orange spots.

Krasnopresnenskya . In captivity, the body length reaches up to 15 cm Lives about 10 years. The body is disk-shaped. Body color silver. The males anal fin is reddish. Krasnolesnyy mile is a peaceful fish that will get along well with aadami.

Red PACU. The body length reaches up to 15 cm Maximum recorded lifespan is 28 years. The fish has a large head with powerful jaws. The lower body and anal fin are painted in bright orange color, which makes it one of the most beautiful representatives of aquarium piranhas. On the edge of the caudal fin is black stripe.

Macinnis . Body shape of these fish are roundish, a little flattened laterally. Scales silvery-steel color. His back fin is tall and straight. The color of the backs can be blue-gray, brown or green. On the sides of the body are black spots. The length of the body in artificial conditions reaches 10 cm.

The red piranha. Body length in aquarium conditions reaches up to 20 cm and weighing up to 1.5 kg. the Body is painted silver with red or violet, back bluish reflections; belly reddish-orange hue. Mouth large, very sharp teeth, fangs slightly come forward. Lifespan in aquarium conditions 7 – 15 years.

Piranha flag . Flag piranhas at a large lower jaw. The body is silver in color, the gills red spot. At the end of the tail has a broad black band, the other fins are very elongated.