Backyard pond

Want to lead a conversation about those fish backyard ponds, for devices that do not require large material costs. Many have experienced that in small ponds the fish grows well and often their development is even ahead of their peers living in rivers and lakes. However, not every breed of fish it is advisable to grow in a small pond. In my opinion, the most successful objects for cultivation is carp, crucian carp, pike (fingerlings) and loaches. The last two lines are particularly interest the farmer-lover.

Pike grows very rapidly. One day in June (that year was extraordinary drought) we caught carp and a few Surat. The fish were transported about an hour and without water. When it got out in a basin of water, two spike weighing 150 g alive. And we released them together with carp in dug pond with an area of two acres.

The water in our backyard pond was literally teeming with many kinds of organisms, and there were especially many tadpoles in it. After two and a half months, when the water in the pond after a hot summer, we began to catch fish. In such a short time each pike was a little heavier at 600 grams and weighed 750 g. Surprised at their color. From gray they turned into a brownish-red — the color of the clay bottom. Certainly feared, because the small backyard pond that schuryata eat carp. But this did not happen. Not okazalos one carp. It is clear that pike was fed tadpoles.

A careful study of the literature showed that there is nothing surprising in this. Pike, as you know, is called the river shark. But these unflattering words refer mainly to the Cougar age. If adult pike per 1 kg increase consumes 21 — 22 kg of fish, pike-fingerlings — only 3 kg. However, when there are no small fish, fingerlings are content with bugs, tadpoles and summer peacefully coexist with large carp and young carp.

By the autumn the situation changes. Schuryata grow, and tadpoles turn into frogs and jump out of the water, so the feed for “river sharks” is not enough, and they aim not only at tolstovka crucians and carps, but also to each other. So pikes are grown only in ponds where there are a lot of tadpoles and other similar creatures. By the end of August — beginning of September the fish are caught.

Very interesting object for cultivation in ponds of farms and horticultural societies — the morning glories. They live in any stagnant water and even in water bodies such as swamps, where can’t live such a very hardy fish, like carp and Amur sleeper. Unlike most fish, the eel can breathe not only with gills, and skin, intestines. He has another curious feature. He is very sensitive to any change in atmospheric pressure. Before the rain begins to worry and even visovivat on the surface of the water. For this ability it is called a living barometer. The behavior of this fish can predict the weather change.

Loaches meat is fatty, tender, and sweetish to the taste.

Loach should preferably be kept separate from other fish as the loach often behaves restlessly in the ponds and scaring the other inhabitants. Besides eats eggs of crucian carp.

Loaches successfully fed earthworms, bloodworms, but, as a rule, they rarely need feeding.

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