The five most dangerous fishes in the world – not encountered in our waters

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Well, none of these most dangerous fish in the world . not found in our waters.

Verrucosa or fish – stone. The most venomous fish in the world. Has a size of 35 – 50 cm, found mostly in the southern seas and oceans, on the bottom near coral reefs. It is also found in shallow water. This amazing fish is well camouflaged beneath the rocks waiting for their prey. And it feeds on small fish, shrimp and crustaceans. The most dangerous thing in this fish is its strong poison. On the back of the fish has twelve spines with venomous glands. If you accidentally step on the fish, even in shoes, her strong sharp spines that easily puncture the sole, and will attach themselves to the human foot. Venom is a toxin produced by the fish, causes extreme pain, paralysis and tissue death deep in his penetration. If you get poison in a large blood vessel, death may occur within two hours.

The white shark. The most dangerous of all shark species. Inhabits all the oceans of our planet. Its maximum length may reach more than 7 meters and weighs more than 3 tons. Sharks have a protective coloration that helps her to remain unnoticed. The predator has about three thousand triangular teeth, which, like other sharks, are arranged in three rows. Bite force sostavljaet kg per 1 cm White shark is omnivorous, and not above almost anything, but her favorite food is a fatty prey, such as sea lions, seals or seals. Piranha. “Toothy devil” in the language of South American Indians. The most dangerous freshwater fish in the world. No less dangerous than the white shark, although its average size only 20 – 30 cm of Its sharp, triangular, razor teeth are dangerous to all living things that may be in the water. Attacking their prey in large swarms, they are in a very short time, leave her alone bones. Strong jaws of this fish is able to bite a human finger. Piranha are attracted to the splash of the water and the blood trapped in the water. Also they are able to devour and their relatives.

Tiger fish Goliath. Also one of the most dangerous freshwater predators on the planet. Dwells in the rivers and lakes of Africa. The fish can reach 1.5 meters in length and weigh up to 70 kg. My slave name is given for its color, reminiscent of a tiger. Goliath has big fangs like teeth. The structure of its jaws allows this predator a very wide open mouth, allowing them to swallow large prey. Tiger fish is very strong, it can develop a good speed and to swim against the current, turbulent rivers such as the Congo. There are known cases, when the fish attacked not only on people but also on crocodiles.

5. Catfish Candiru. Inhabits the rivers of the Amazon. This fish is a parasite that feeds on blood. The length of the fish is not more than 15 cm, it is similar to acne, and almost transparent. Their victims this awesome fish finds on ammonia, which is extracted fish in the water when breathing. They swim into the gills, the parasite produces spiky growths that keep them in victim. Fish biting through the small hole and was full of blood, the Candiru catfish leaves his victim. The situation is worse when the parasite gets into the sex organs. After all, when urination occurs the excretion of ammonia, and small children may also like to fish, get into the urethra. And get them out without surgery is almost impossible.