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Guppy is quite a peaceful fish. They will not offend their neighbors in the aquarium, as it is not capable of such atrocities. But other types of fish will be happy to plucking tail fins of guppies, thus causing them to suffer.

Marble Gourami

Representatives gourami are labyrinth fish that can breathe with gills not only, but also a special body metabolizing oxygen from the air at the water surface. Gourami antennae sticking out of the abdominal fins have a tactile function.

Acidity of water for them is not critical, only that it was not salty. Enhanced aeration is also not mandatory. Enough of the General conditions of detention of fish.

Catfish like algae, but they should not be too much, just 5-6 branches per 50 liters of water.


One of the most popular aquarium species, ancistrus catfish, reaching a length of 15 cm they are Most active in the evening or with a sharp decrease in atmospheric pressure. The rest of the time sitting in caves or between rocks.

If you are not satisfied with the aquarium, which is inhabited by only guppies, you may try to allocate other small fish that are not predators. Neon / cardinal tetras, some catfish (speckled catfish, catfish-sticking), Gora, Botia, tetras, small species of tetras fish, various types of tetras hiding logudorese to get along with their neighbors. But it is possible that one representative of these fish will show aggression to small cohabitants.

The process of spawning takes place in the morning: stupid males begin to chase the female around the spawning area. Then fertilization occurs and spawning. The eggs, the female glues itself to the surface of the pebbles. For the entire spawning, the female lays up to 300 eggs. After spawning, males and female must be deposited back into the aquarium. As for the eggs, when the water temperature is +19*+20*C it will ripen in a week and a half. In appearance the eggs are large, transparent, strong. If you look closely, you can see all the stages of development of the embryo.

Summing up, it should be said that goldfish is a fish species intended for the aquarium, which require separate, special attention. Moreover, the value of these fish is quite high, they are long-lived compared to other aquarium inhabitants and so it would be a shame to lose a fish due to the fact that some inattentive ancistrus at night her sleep is not allowed.

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Feeding/Types of feed. In the wild prefer to feed on insects, however, bred in the aquarium, eating habits differ from their wild ancestors and are omnivorous.


the temperature of the water. A cold snap or warming is likely to destroy them. Nice fish Wade through the plants. They are distinguished by habit from time to time swim to surface to grab a gulp of air. Because the original structure of the lips and habit to swim for each other toes, they are called kissing fish. Labyrinth, as a rule, have a calm and peaceful nature.

These are just a few of the most popular species of fish for aquarium, in fact thousands of them. And Each has striking features and his character. The choice is yours!