Ponds – buy garden pond and for pond Aquarium Interior

Ponds . waterfalls, streams, cascades and fountains are an integral part of modern landscape design, is used to design areas of private estates, residential areas and various places of resort living. This is a true decoration of areas with special aesthetic value, which significantly affects the increase in the market value of the property. A garden pond is Your unique corner of nature, in which is shown individual fantasy to create a unique place of rest. Magic water fascinates humans for several hundred thousand years. Nothing will pacify You effetivnye after a hard day, than the contemplation of the play of the light fountain in the pond at sunset, or not cheer better than a morning of feeding your favorite pet at dawn!

Like any artificial pond Your pond can not do without special care and pond equipment. available in our store in a huge range. Also, you can buy everything for the pond, including the foil to make a pond with their hands.

Depending on the purpose ponds can be both decorative and functional . To functional artificial water bodies include swimming pools and special ponds for breeding fish. Decorative ponds successfully mimic natural landscapes and depending on style can look as natural natural formation, or, as a classical ensemble, subject to certain laws of geometry. Methods of construction of artificial water bodies differ in the methods used for this waterproofing.

At the bottom of any pond over time settle and accumulate in the trapped dust and dirt, the remains of dead plants, fish excrement, fallen leaves. At the bottom of the organic sediments is recycled by microorganisms and transformed into a jelly-like mass – yl. Accumulation of silt in small decorative ponds, it is desirable to avoid, because it is fraught with troubles for the pond and its mansions: it is possible to further acidification of the sludge, water damage. poisoning inhabitants of the pond released poisonous gases. In one year, of course, this is unlikely to happen, but for several years it is likely, especially in the pond with the big fish without filtration .

It is desirable periodically – once every 2-3 years to clean decorative pond from bottom sediments. You can do this: drain all the water, catch fish, remove plants and scoop dirt and mud. but this labor-intensive process that takes a lot of time.

To ease fans care for ornamental ponds . to eliminate the need to conduct time-consuming work of cleaning them up and rebuilding, the manufacturers of pond equipment . we developed special equipment, which is fully represented in this category.