What's the use of marine fish? (The main thing that distinguishes marine fish from freshwater is far greater content of complete protein)
Many of you know, the fish – a valuable product for our body. It contains a lot of useful and necessary substances for our health. But not very many people…

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Geography river and sea fishing in Lithuania - Russian fishing, a directory of articles about fishing
Thanks to its favorable geographical location and stable climate Lithuania is a very attractive place for many types of fishing. Suffice it to say that within the state there are…

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Aquarium fish – Aquarium

It turns out that our aquarium fish are not so simple. The first fish appeared about 300 million years ago – it was one of the first vertebrates. Fish, the most ancient group of vertebrates. The variety of fish amazing – in a class of fish includes about twenty thousand species, but in aquariums, mostly inhabited by bony fish. It’s not any special selection, but the fact that almost all modern fish can be attributed to that unit.

Actually, in the original, aquarium fish not intended for life “in glass”. Exotic for us are floating in the aquarium, piranhas, and catfish are common as no surprise. It’s not right. They also come from the tropics and other exotic locations, but, accustomed for generations to live in aquariums, these fish change their quality, appearance and habits. The fish aquarium is not a question of reproduction in artificial environments, and with each successive generation they are more used to the characteristics of “their water”.

Many species of fish were bred artificially among them so popular in our homes, guppies, swordtails, barbs and angelfish. Breeders specifically derive these types, which sometimes stand out sharply, even the most unusual features. Vivid examples of this are the fish are albinos, which are open water just would not survive long, but at home they are in demand. In addition, aquarium fish immunity is much weaker than their counterparts in the natural environment.

Some originals are kept in aquariums with large fish, typical for this band. Easy – caught fishing catfish or carp and keep the house, if, however, he would agree to such a life. However, such tenants are not satisfied with all, aquarists need something exotic and a variety of forms. And few people have thought about that from a biological point of view many of the “interesting” fish are incomplete or partially dysfunctional. If to release them into the natural environment, they will perish.

Although for those fish that are more resistant to external factors, and, respectively, closer to their wild ancestors interesting to give the original microenvironment. This applies to fish the waters of the temperate climatic zone. The creation of the natural conditions of the microenvironment is to create in the aquarium this situation, when the soil, plants and aquarium inhabitants, as well as abiotic factors such as lighting and water features were consistent with what was originally used fish. This, of course, somewhat time-consuming, but then very interesting to observe the processes of life.

First in Europe in the early nineteenth century were brought makropody and rumble fish. The most famous aquariums in our fish – gold – originating from China. According to Feng Shui such fish in the aquarium bring the owner wealth, good fortune and success. And for those who have the luck to be caught by the tail in the market of Pets there are colored arowana – the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. The price of a single copy to tens of thousands of dollars.

The key to a healthy aquarium – the right choice of its inhabitants and care for them. When buying aquarium fish it is important to remember the fact that, as you would not like the diversity of sizes and colors, to accommodate in one “room” best fish of the same species or closely related. Before purchasing, carefully review the alleged habits of the Pets, not that your chosen species feed on each other.