Most dangerous animals in nature

We present you the most dangerous and largest animals in the nature.

Tiger belongs to the cat family, the largest predators in the world.

This predator can weigh about 700 kg (although he was officially registered 1000 kg). It is second in weight only brown and polar bear. Unfortunately, tigers are on the brink of extinction, and hunting them is forbidden worldwide.

The quick create

The Falcon is a predatory bird that is widely distributed around the world. They have a very watchful eye, excellent maneuverability and tremendous speed of the dive in time to the victim. For example, the peregrine Falcon – the fastest predator while hunting, it can reach speeds of up to 322 km/h.

Most ferocious animal

Piranha from the family of predatory fish. They inhabit the rivers of South America. The adult reaches 30 cm in length and weighing up to 1 kg. This one is very ferocious fish in one bite it can bite the finger of an adult. As these fish called river hyenas.

The largest land predator

The polar bear is a mammal and a carnivorous animal. It is the largest terrestrial carnivore, its length reaches 3 m and weight up to 800 kg. For the advertisement of Coca-Cola this predator seems more peaceful.

The largest snake

Anaconda of the family of pythons – the largest snakes living on the earth. The average length of Anaconda is about 5-6 meters, but the hunters met with instances and 8-9 meters. Unique in size, the snake was caught in Eastern Colombia and had a length of 21,43 m.

The biggest fish

Great white shark, as she is known as a man-eater. The biggest predatory fish found in all oceans of the Earth. She has impressive dimensions: length over 6 meters and weight of 2 250 kg.

The most poisonous creature

The most poisonous creature on the planet is the Australian cubic jellyfish, or even call it “sea wasp”. It lives off the coast of Northern Australia. In its tentacles, which it stings, the poison is incredibly strong. Within 3 minutes it can kill sixty adults.

The largest invertebrate

The largest invertebrate animal is giant squid. Scientists believe giant squid can grow to a length of 18 meters. The largest squid caught was a length of 17.4 m with tentacles (1887, a specimen was found on the shores of New Zealand). Mantle length up to 2 meters away, the tentacles up to 5 m. the Highest weight of the animal allegedly up to one ton.

The largest creature in the world

The largest creature on earth – the blue whale (the blue whale). The mass of a blue whale reaches up to 150 tons and length up to 33 meters. He is the biggest animal existing on Earth. The largest whale ever caught was a female whale. caught near the Southern Scottish Islands in 1926. Its length was 33,27 m, weight – 176 792 kg.

The most ruthless creature on the Earth

I think there is nothing to explain. Chuck Norris takes the first place among the most ruthless creatures on Earth. No one can stand against him.