Fishing on the pond, Tsibulevo.

One of the most powerful and glorious, carp team Cherkassy (daughter and I) went to hone skills on your favorite body of water. Left after the rain, which in itself is pretty adventurous or adventurous and even cheekily (as Scully teaches) for the SUV yet, but the downloaded cyprinid gonad Focus, to go down to the pond not just. What were the witnesses left by then – there – here, bogged down in the clay, the machine the less fortunate anglers. Spent a half hour searching for the animal and not just the trails that would drive up to the water. Showing remarkable resourcefulness ingenuity and a fair share of courage (especially the younger crew member), with the support of fisherman on the SUV (if that call – out), made it to shore.

The best places are already occupied, but we are not accustomed to retreat – our fish we will catch. Was told to do. Omarkhanovich, decided I’m going to be chasing on the far turn, improving complementary feeding in the rocket at a distance of 80 meters, plot daughters on the border of the transition clean, sandy silty bottom, on the level of its cast of 30 meters. Sacrilice, arrived. Wait.

In the first 12,56 raised from afar. Masterfully filled in the landing net, weighing 1750 shows. Standard weight. Pertobras and … silence.

But not fish happiness (and her weight). Cases us was not enough. Put the tent. new tile to try, new leashes imposed – is abysmal. So quietly close the evening. Feeding, perishables and night duty. Who is where, who is in the car – there was warmer, and someone on the street to watch. To enjoy the night sounds (frogs any there Yes Nightingale some early) gave fully gentle call of alarm. The clock 1,22, assistant to Wake did not. Worked tackle abandoned the younger generation, i.e. under the shore. To give yourself time to gather (in boots to get, to fasten a flashlight, a landing net to catch) ran Caruso on the weak clutch out. Thus extended moments of a fight, after which the scales showed 1900. There is progress! Nutrition (luckily the moon was full and the sky is cloudless), cast…. And till morning there was nothing to listen to the sounds of nature. With the am algorithm of actions of the previous – feed-casting. We had Breakfast with rabom apparently at the same time. 10.00 on schedule just in time for tea went fast and so confidently I’ll tell you went. Again worked the tackle abandoned daughter. Judging by the speed with which went the fishing line from the spool, the enemy was clearly in a higher weight category than those with whom the daughter had cared. Therefore, we decided that I’ll draw out. Nicely fought, to the banks was taken of fish weighing 2800. This is our record at this pond!

Unfortunately other aquatic life, to persuade to change the nature of existence we have more than failed. For these days there were three more unrealized bite from the far turn, but just before the shore the fish refused an invitation to visit us at the light. Apparently something we still need to improve.