Fish for small aquarium

For various reasons you prefer the aquarium to the small size. Maybe he is a great addition to the interior or the aquarium gave you friends… it doesn’t matter, the main thing that you have and now you need to pick up a fish.

So in the aquarium was maintained biological balance, we need a serious approach. Consider the number of fish, plants and other inhabitants under a certain amount.

Overpopulate the aquarium, in any case, it is not recommended. The formula for calculating this, at a fish length of 2.5 cm (measured without the tail), requires a 75 sq. cm the surface of the water. This calculation is suitable for all aquariums. For example, have a tank volume of 30 liters and 40 (length) x 25 (width) x 30(height). Calculate the surface area, 40×25 =1000 sq cm the Next step, the calculation of the number of fish, in this case 1000 / 75 x 2.5 = 33cm. That is, the total length of fish for the aquarium will be 33 cm

Useful tips

Do not put in small aquariums predators. Ask the seller the maximum size of the fish you plan to purchase.

Don’t choose expensive and rare fish, as for breach of balance, they will die first.

You should not populate the aquarium plenty of fish than recommended.

Try to have the same type of fish.

Fish dagnysamantha the volume of the aquarium evenly. Some fish live in the bottom layers, others in the middle layers and at the surface.

The most suitable fish for small aquariums


Very nice Guppies. they are very common and inexpensive (if not to take into account special breeding species) fishes. In stores you can find fish of different colors. To fill the aquarium to the small size enough 15-20 fish. You can choose different types of mechanostat: red, brindle, black, green. They too can run about 15-20. Another view – mollies. But these fish are more sensitive to microflora, so it is recommended to salt water. Hereinafter Platys. they can be purchased in quantities of 10 – 15 pieces, assorted colors: red, calico, spotted, particularly interesting look disk pitsilia red color.


Ikromechuschie fish for small volumes of aquariums is the barbs, looks very nice pack striped Sumatran barbs, or the so-called mossy burbasov mutants, dark green.

Zebrafish – small, striped schooling fish, cardinals and attractive, standing out for their veiltail form. If you select larger fish, you might consider angelfish, or parrots of pelvicachromis. If you’re not too low on money note on fishes from the family of tetras – red, blue, or ordinary neon. No wonder they are considered one of the most beautiful, gregarious, freshwater fish. A gaggle of 20 – 30 of these small fish, will enhance any aquarium.

All types of fish combined with a small catfish: gold, green and speckled. They will benefit by collecting from the bottom of uneaten food. It is also interesting catfish-antitrus, using your mouth – suckers, they clean walls and aquarium plants from green algae.

Recommended combinations of fish for small aquariums.

3 sword + 5 zebrafish + 10 guppies + 3 mottled catfish

5 platies + swordtails 5 + 10 neons + 3 catfish of antitrus

5 tiger barbs + 10 mossy barbs + 3 Karpaty catfish

5 barbs mossy + 2 angelfish + 3 catfish of antitrus

2 butterflies-apistos + 5 mossy barbs + 10 neons + 3 catfish

You can pick up a variety of combinations, but still, the number and kind of fish for a small aquarium depends on the taste and wishes of the owner