Aquarium fish – than to guide the choice

There are a huge number of varieties of aquarium fish, each of which has individual qualities and appearance.

Aquarium fish are completely different shapes, sizes and colors.

Choosing fish for your aquarium, you need a balanced and reasonable approach to this procedure. The first thing to consider the compatibility of the fish and size of aquarium. Is that some sort of fish grow larger than their neighbors and just eat them.

Different types of aquarium fish prefer to dwell in different water layers, some prefer is always at the bottom, some in the middle layers, and at the surface. So, if you want your aquarium to be balanced and everywhere were its inhabitants, it is necessary when selecting the fish to take into account this fact.

Types of aquarium fish

There are two main types of aquarium fish is viviparous and ikromechuschie. Viviparous fish giving birth in the form of small shaped fish.

The most common aquarium fish belonging to the species are viviparous: guppies, swordtails, mollies and others. To ikromechuschie most famous types of aquarium fish include: goldfish, fish is an angel, neons and others.

Let’s look at the most popular fish among aquarists. Every kind of fish has its own individual osobennosti which are popular with breeders.


Goldfish belongs to the carp family and is one of the most beautiful species of aquarium fish. These aquarium fish are very whimsical in content, are quite hardy and have arkie colors. It is not surprising that they are popular among aquarists.

If you want some unusual fish, then you can consider fish-telescopes, they have eyes quirky convex shape, which makes them interesting and neobychnymi.

Fish-angel (angelfish)

These South American beauties inhabiting the rivers of the Amazon, Orinoco and Essequibo, are of an unusual form among all types of cichlids. These fish are rounded at the sides and elongated vertically long fins, these forms make their movements mesmerizing.

Neon Tetra

Neon tetras live in flocks, the movement of which in the aquarium is quite interesting to watch. Neons are beautifully lit in the falling light and attract attention. These fish are small, and therefore should not be kept with predatory fish and large specimens.


Probably the most common aquarium fish, which is recommended for a novice aquarist. These fish, despite their small size are quite hardy and undemanding, they are also very attractive with its veiltail fins and bright colors.

Guppies breed well in captivity and may even unduly to multiply rapidly if not controlled.


Like guppies, swordtails are not whimsical in content, easily propagated and have a bright color (orange, black). Male platypus during mating can be aggressive to each other, so in this period it is recommended to transplant.

Aquarium fish are very diverse and their types there are so many, when selecting inhabitants for your aquarium you must consider their compatibility, some types categorically are not compatible.