Favorite fish and snails for home

Increasingly in this era of technological innovation, consuming an enormous amount of time to learn, ponder over the purchase of aquarium fish, as they require minimum grooming and do not allow a person to feel lonely.

The concept of “aquarium fish” includes a large number of different species of fish. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion due to multiple names of fishes and to facilitate the selection of scientists was proposed by the ad hoc classification in Latin. Typically, the name of the fish consists of two words in Latin, the first of which designates the genus to which this fish, and the second kind.

All aquarium fish are classified into two broad categories: warm-water species of aquarium fish and cold-water species of aquarium fish. Let us consider each of these categories.

Those fish that cannot live in water temperatures below 18-20 °C, are a group of warm-water fish. Currently, however, scientists have documented cases of fish, belonging to the category of warm-water, normal existence at water temperatures below 17 °C. All warm-water fishes can be divided into two groups.

The first group includes fish that require little oxygen: all kinds of so-called labyrinth fish, guppies, mechenosets, spotted gourami, blue gourami, etc. to Novice breeders of fish are recommended for teplovogo akvariumista pearl gourami, mollienisia, the mahseer of sumatranus, Malabar Danio.

To the second group belong to fish, which require large amounts of oxygen. These include: mollienisia vysokoprochnaja and all cichlids. For keeping these fish need an aquarium up to 40 l, with green plants and a good purging of water.

To cold-water aquatic species, scientists and researchers attribute a large group of fish that require different conditions for existence. The unifying property is their adaptability to life and the conditions of the room is not heated aquarium. The temperature in this tank should vary in the range from 14-25 °C. the Majority of these cold-water fish are quite undemanding, able to tolerate both low and relatively high temperature, and so it can be recommended for beginner aquarists. This group can be the family of the long-bodied varieties of goldfish, loach, makropody, kallata and mosquitofish. All of these species in the presence of sufficient large aquarium and plenty of plants do not require much care.

With aquarium fish, many aquarium lovers make, and snails. The most famous and at the same time exotic is the so-called Apple snails. Apple snails are a fairly large group of aquarium snails. The discernment of such snails in appearance causing many buyers and lovers of complexity, because all the names written in Latin. This is done to avoid confusion because scientists and researchers every year to discover new and new species, calling them on the terrain, in which was found, by the name of the scientist who discovered this or that type.