The content of KOI in the garden pond – what technique is needed?

Among the most common inhabitants of ponds are Koi carp. Bright colors will make Your pond extravaganza a variety of colors and flowers. In Japan since ancient times, the Koi fish was considered to be normal Pets along with our cats and dogs. The big plus of these fish is a relative simplicity to the conditions of detention and diet. In addition, they quickly adapt to people and even eat from your hands and give to pet.

Koi pond gives the garden an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that can not but rejoice when placed near recreational areas. However, as with all Pets – Koi fish require attention and care.

The basic requirements for keeping Koi is to create conditions for habitat and clean water. The Koi fish is a schooling fish usually reach a length of 0.6-0.9 meters. For proper growth and normal development of fish they require a pond that will accommodate these dimensions. And the larger the pond the more comfortable we will feel the fish.

Koi are very hardy and undemanding, but their wealth and the size depends on the area and depth of pond the aeration and water status.

Because they are very trebovatelna water quality, it is necessary to provide high-quality filtration system. You should know that the usual mechanical filtration ponds will be ineffective here. In addition to mechanical cleaning filter for the pond should be equipped with high quality permanent biological filtration.

Aeration of ponds inhabited by Koi not mandatory subject to the availability of the plants also protect the fish from predators, serve as her shelter. The ideal option would be the presence of water scenery, such as a fountain, waterfall, or cascade, they produce an adequate level of enrichment of pond water with oxygen. To create these decorations You need to purchase fountain pump. Pumps for ponds and fountains can also be used to supply water to the filtration system of the pond .

For wintering fish pond should be equipped with the wintering pit, the depth of which is not less than 2,5-3 meters. In addition, you should provide aeration of water quality that would protect fish from suffocation. For this You need to buy a compressor.

Koi have a very peace-loving nature and their endurance and unpretentiousness to cold temperatures make caring for them a pleasant and quite troublesome. Koi are very friendly – they come to people at their approach to the pond, accompany You when You are moving around the perimeter.

Koi carp in a pond

Koi carp is a real king of the pond! Compared to goldfish, this fish has its own character and outstanding mind. For centuries breeders have selected the best color .