Compatible aquarium fish

Making the decision to start an aquarium, remember that fish are living creatures, like other Pets. They need to create a comfortable environment, and they need care and be sure to take into account the compatibility of species of aquarium fish.

For the novice aquarist it is natural to choose those fish that are like it in appearance. But not all fish can comfortably coexist in the same aquarium. Many of them behave like cat and dog or even a cat with a mouse. The compatibility of aquarium fish species need to be considered so as not to witness the bloody clashes and genocide of the population in the aquarium.

Do you like underwater idyll or more interesting active play Pets? It would be better if you first decide what and how much aquarium fishes want to start, pick their species according to biological compatibility . and then acquire the aquarium of suitable size.

Compatibility table of species of aquarium fish

Primarily your chosen fishes must be aligned with each drugpo temperature, desired pH and water hardness. For example, goldfish like cool water and not compatible with most species of tropical aquarium fish . But between a gold fish of different species are combined perfectly.

Peaceful fish

For soothing contemplation well pathetically aquarium tropical rainforests (about 60 litres). It excellent going to feel so shy fish, like the blue neons, flame tetras, cardinals, guppies, a honey gourami, glass shrimp, catfish, tetras hiding freshwater snails. Danio, swordtails, mollies, tetras too big feel good together, but the aquarium should be larger (60-100 litres). Most of these species are practically not compatible in temperament with a more active aquarium fish.

Moderately aggressive fish

Dwarf cichlids (apistos, lamprologus, pelmatochromis), as a rule, do not exceed 6-8 cm These brightly coloured fish are relatively peaceful, but territorial, with interesting behavior. For a comfortable existence, they need an aquarium of 50 liters per pair. They can be kept with live plants. More aggressive cichlasoma. But sometimes coexist with catfish plecostomus, adult Labe. To ensure that the fish have learned to live together, they need to raise in an aquarium since childhood.

Aggressive predatory fish

Some aquarists like to watch fish find out the relationship. More aggressive mid-sized and large cichlids almost can not tolerate the neighborhood of other fish. Some of them prefer to live in packs. A group of a dozen adult African cichlids need an aquarium with a capacity of not less than 300 litres with plenty of hiding that fish were able to divide the territory.

Angelfish also live well with a dwarf gourami and donaciinae, they also indifferent to the ancistrus and other attendants of the aquarium. To avoid any inter-species conflicts, cichlids well be kept in a species aquarium.

Species aquariums

In the aquarium, which contains fish of the same species, has its own charm. Without neighbours, almost all fish breed easily and willingly. Watch this very interesting. Cichlids, although bad neighbors, but very caring parents. They hide their fry in the mouth.

Some species of predatory fish can be kept in species only aquariums, for example, the piranha. For them, every neighbor as a potential food.