What's the use of marine fish. Discussion on LiveInternet - Russian Service Online Diaries
Many of you know, the fish – a valuable product for our body. It contains a lot of useful and necessary substances for our health. But not very many people…

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The aquarium Museum: Museums of Sevastopol
In the center of Sevastopol, on the shore of Artillery Bay, is a building of Institute of biology of southern seas named after A. O. Kovalevsky of national Academy of…

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Fishing in Montenegro-Montenegro Portal

A change of scenery and recreation is one of the best ways to restore the lost strength and to fill the body with vivacity and positive. Montenegro provides plenty of opportunities for such a pastime, especially popular among them is fishing. This is one of the oldest practice in the country. Its importance for the local inhabitants and is annually held in Kolasin competition of fishermen, which attracts masters from different countries.

In Montenegro a truly unique fishing: the waters of the Adriatic is home to over forty species of fish (shark, tuna, sea eel, mackerel, Moray eel, etc.), lakes are rich in roach, salmon, and carp, and swift mountain streams abundant in trout. The most affordable method of fishing is fly fishing from the shore. You can do this and when in Budva. and in Tivat. as well as Budva or Kotor. You do not need to obtain a special permit, and are very easy to find places on each pier, or at any picturesque Bay. Very popular coastal and fishing from private boats, and fishing in the high seas, and a leisurely lake fishing. The underwater world of the coastal strip of the Adriatic will undoubtedly please fans of adrenaline and fans of diving. These waters are renowned for the transparency and abundance of various prey– giant lobsters, eels, morays, octopus and catfish. You can also try to harpoon a shark or tuna.

A significant role in the popularity of fishing on holiday in Montenegro was played by the availability of all varieties. For example, fans of sea fishing can rent a boat or a boat in any coastal town, and fans of river or lake fishing are not difficult to rent a car and explore the Northern part of the country. In addition, the resorts you can fish right from the rocks, at the same time swimming and taking sun baths. Beauty!

Stopping the choice on a particular type of fishing, it is worth remembering that sea fishing on open water involves great physical activity and a solid adrenaline rush, so to sit quietly with a fishing rod under the hot rays of the Mediterranean sun obviously will not succeed. But guaranteed an exciting search for prey in the clear waters of the Adriatic sea, the fresh sea breeze and a lot of incomparable impressions!

On the contrary, all those wishing to relax from the hustle and seeking to retire with spinning somewhere in a secluded Creek, is to go to the lake fishing. The crystal clear mountain air, stunning scenery and a leisurely, quiet fishing await travelers on the banks of the picturesque Montenegrin waters. And for those who like to wander in the rough, meandering streams perfect fishing for grayling or trout in the swift waters of mountain rivers. To fish in this country can not only in the warm season. For example, in the winter season, is very popular ice fishing on the lakes of the Durmitor and other national parks.

The cost of fishing permits in Montenegro are low, the catch limit is quite affordable, and with such an abundance of sea, river and lake inhabitants own to catch a lot of trophies is not difficult even for beginners.