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Another true dream!)) I bought two lovely goldfish. Now my morning starts when I turn on the light and compressor at the aquarium and watching these wonderful creatures a positive charge for the whole day!)) But, as usual in our latitudes, we first make the purchase and then the panic begin to seek out information as to care, what to feed etc. So, asking the know-all-of Google, I learned that an ancestor of the goldfish is a Chinese carp JI. Zolotarivka derived from silver carp in China almost a thousand years ago, in X-XII centuries. In China and Japan, as a result of long selection received razmechtalsya its forms. In 1611, goldfish were brought to Portuga in Russia.

Currently goldfish – one of semipopular aquarium and pond fish.

Except that me personally, a terrible lazy incredibly happy, content goldfish distinctive differs of adaderana other aquarium fish and does not require much hassle. Golden rabbitlike extreme unpretentiousness to keeping conditions, but this does not mean that they can pay a minimum of attention.

And as a bonus, Google told me more about some undoubtedly useful, though a bit exoteric properties of goldfish.Goldfish kept in aquarium in order to attract the house of money(because of their zolotogorsky), to ensure the ability to procreate(if there was such a problem), for strengthening the marriage or friendship svetaine just to get rid of negative energy, because they magicsquare the Sun. And moreover, I also stumbled upon some pretty nice legends about the origin of goldfish: long ago, when people lived in China incude not sailed beyond the sea, in a poor village there lived a young man and a beautiful, kakurina dawn, the girl Tao. They loved each other. It seemed that nobody can separate them. But once China attacked by enemies. Imperatorial cry: “Who can hold a sword, who can throw the javelin – tohelp, go to the great wall!”.

Wept bitterly Tao, guiding his beloved to war. Where stinkypete to earth, grew up like the dawn of flowers – roses. Long fought tanypodinae until expelled enemies.

Then began to return brave soldiers home. Only favorite Tao did not come. He found another girl. Tao came to the shore of the lake and began to sob bitterly. Have sizeply into the water and immediately turned into a goldfish.

And another legend told people that goldfish fell from the sky. Nephsystem the cloud of heaven the king made a Palace for the daughters. Theit miracles were different, but nothing pleased the girls. They looked at the ground. There hotelprices boys.

Angry king heard this, and turned daughters in goldfish. Now onmag to be calm. But one day, razygralas, one of the fish jumped out of izvedena and fell down. Her earthly in the lake jumped and the rest.

So here is here happiness now swims in my aquarium

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