Tropical aquarium fish, hardy water plants, start aquarium

Where fish feel good

Many dream though time to look at the secret underwater world of the Amazon or the current in the jungles of Thailand, the Creek. Or ever to survey the depths of lakes Tanganyika and Nyasa!

Aquarium this dream will help to implement without high costs – and even in your own four walls. In this case we can observe the underwater world and learn much of what is usually hidden from our sight.

To the main actors: aquarium fish . aquatic plants and many invisible to the naked eye microorganisms not been lacking, and that they always felt good, should pay attention to some things.

When setting up an aquarium to imitate nature

Compared to tropical waters our aquarium is no more a water-filled thimble.

And yet in the aquarium, thanks to numerous studies and experiments, it is now possible to create such conditions that allow almost no problems to maintain and even breed in normal tap water, many tropical fish and grow odniesienia. Water, of course, it should specifically prepare.

Be more exotic than tropical reservoirs, of which are aquarium fish . the more knowledge required for proper and extended content, and even the breeding of so-called “rarities”.

It is possible to accurately copy the types of tropical wetlands both technically and in chemical composition. However, most often the result will not be pleasing to the eye, because the natural water habitat in which live many tropical fish, is not so beautiful.

How to ease the first steps in the aquarium

In your first aquarium you should keep these types of aquarium fish . which, although originating in the tropics, but almost never are found in natural water bodies. They are often artificially bred from us or abroad (mainly in Southeast Asia). As a rule, it is undemanding aquarium fish already adapted to the conditions of life, which can be easily replicated in the aquarium. All other aquarium fish needs can be satisfied without much effort.

Protection of species

Thanks to aquarium breeding are saved and those species of fish . as a result of environmental degradation already occur in nature in their natural habitats or in serious danger of extinction.