Fish Cichlids

For example, the stores sold frozen tilapia, which is also owned by the family. It is known that the dimensions may be very varied, as some species have a length of about 2.5 cm, and others – more than 100 centimeters.

The total number of species of this family is about two thousand, and many of them not yet described. Certain types of fish are common only in some water basins, and at the moment they are on the verge of extinction.

Because the family is quite diverse, this article will talk about those fish that live in aquariums. The majority of aquarium fish has a high, laterally compressed body, single dorsal fin. Cichlids have a bright color, which is especially noticeable during spawning.

The head is large, especially for old males, the reason is that over time they have in the forehead creates a fat pillow. Front rays of anal and dorsal fins are rigid and elongated in length.

Types Of Cichlids

In nature, cichlids are found in stagnant water (lakes) or rivers with a slow current. It is also known that some species are found in slightly brackish water. Generally, cichlids live in isolation, they have a definite area which is carefully protected from ostalnyh, and in some cases ready to attack competitors with large sizes. As you know, there are Cichlids parrots . are unpretentious to the conditions of the water that makes it so popular.

Practically all cichlids eat small fish, larvae of aquatic insects or by insects, i.e. belong to the predators.

Beautiful coloring and unique body shape are the main factors that contribute to the popularity of these fish among aquarists. But cichlids are not recommended for beginners, because in the process of their maintenance it is necessary to solve various difficulties.

First of all, it is worth noting that almost all cichlids are predators, and they can be aggressive even towards members of their own species, not to mention other fish. There are also Malawi cichlids . Amazing beauty and brightness of Malawi cichlids, and encourages fans to create the aquarium of arrangements.

Video Malawi Cichlids

Some specialists will correct this behavior with growing fry joint that has about the same dimensions. However, in this case, the fish must constantly grow together, apart from banned. During reproduction, the behavior becomes even more aggressive.

The content of fish Cichlids

For most cichlids, the water composition is not of great importance, however, there are species that have a negative attitude to one-time addition of fresh water in large volume.

Cichlids are fed with live food, which from time to time need to change, as this will provide the fish with ideal conditions for development. In addition, use of frozen and dry food. If you have representatives of omnivorous or herbivorous species must be added to feed algae, salad, etc.

The most simple in content and is called cichlasoma ACAR: Biotest, meeko and striped. Contain angelfish more difficult, but they are more popular. If you have the desire to make small cichlids – pelmatochromis, apistogramma or nannacara, this must be done only after obtaining some experience, which can be purchased only during the breeding and keeping of simple types of cichlids.