In the centre of Rome in the Tiber river, a huge 2-meter-long fish jumping out of rivers, catch and eat birds, politisk to the water's edge. Watch the unusual sight, they say, from any of the numerous bridges spanning the river capital...
However, the bloodthirsty river predators not only hunt for unwary birds. To "risk being eaten" are also dogs and coastal otters, not to mention the smaller creatures – mice and…

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Types of aquarium fish
Fans of the aquarium there is an almost limitless choice — from goldfish, the most famous of all our domestic aquatic animals, the magnificent species of fish of the tropical…

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Marine aquarium fish. The Council

Marine aquarium fish have become today a subject of interest to avid hobbyists, they make a welcome exoticism in a city apartment. Now you can relax on the shore of his home “the ocean”.

Settlement of a marine aquarium is a very important step, because his techniques and work have a number of features that are not familiar to owners of freshwater aquariums. Now you have to monitor the salinity, density and hardness of the water, the level of nitrite, the acid-alkaline balance and support necessary for marine fish temperature and regularly check the filter system. Installing a saltwater aquarium is quite a time-consuming process . it will take approximately 6-10 weeks and can be accelerated by adding live rock and live aragonite sand, they will act as catalysts of biocycle. The reward for the weeks work will be a miniature “sea” or “ocean” in the middle of the apartment. Below we list the most popular types of saltwater fish that are highly valued by modern aquarists. Continue reading

Why aquarium fish?

The aquarium hobby is a pretty popular hobby. But why? What are people in slippery allowed, which it is impossible to pet and hug that you can not play, and which, among other things, require care and attention? Why do people give birth to aquarium fish when there are many other Pets?

These and many other questions arise in people when they begin to think about how to start an aquarium. In any case, if they achieve success with fish, even small, their opinion about the content of the aquarium will change.

They forget about all the disadvantages, and also understand that the big fish also has its own personality and character. And, of course, that the fish can also be cute and beautiful.

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Feng Shui and aquarium fish

Among the methods of a harmonious space, according to practitioners of Feng Shui . water and symbols of water occupy the last place. An aquarium with fish . located in the desired sector of your apartment will certainly attract in your house luck and prosperity.

If you have been thinking about getting Pets, aquarium fish is the best choice. Judge for yourself – no smell, puddles, noise, and unnecessary fuss – one solid harmony and beauty.

In order for your water element of Feng Shui worked in the right direction, you must do three things.

Choose the right shape and size of the aquarium, to purchase a specified number of fish and set it in the sector of your home where you need to activate the energy of luck.

Dimensions of aquarium in Feng Shui

Aquarium size must match the dimensions of the surrounding space. The principle of “more is better” in Feng-Shui inappropriate, it all depends on keeping the proportions. Continue reading