Diplostomum fish and their importance for pond culture

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Diplostomum fish and their importance for pond culture

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Diplomacy ( Diplostomoses ) is a widely common disease of freshwater fish caused by metacercariae of trematodes of the genus Diplostomum (family Diplostomatidae , a detachment Strigeata ). Metacercariae species in this genus is a highly pathogenic fish organisms, including for fishing and pond fish. To pathogens of susceptible diplostemonous all types of freshwater and anadromous fish, especially salmon, whitefish, sturgeon, carp. They are the most dangerous for larvae, fry and fingerlings of pond fish.

Diplotaenia diseases of pond fish in Kazakhstan are observed quite often. This primarily contributes to the creation of a pond and spawning and rearing farms in the vicinity of natural water bodies, where there are persistent pockets of diplostemonous. Continue reading

Species of piranha – Aquarium fish, care and maintenance

Species of piranha about eight, here are the main ones:

Slender piranha or “piranha-pike” . The body of this piranha torpedovidnoj. Eyes red. The top fish is a little darker than underparts; abdomen with a yellowish tinge. Around the gills there is a small dark spot, about the size of the fish’s eyes. The body of this piranha reaches up to 25 cm in aquarium conditions. All fins, except the tail grey, the anal fin is dark band. The caudal fin in adults is very dark.

Dwarf piranha . Length up to 15 cm Has a slightly elongated body, narrow head and big mouth. Dwarf piranha, covered with small shining scales. In General, the color gray, with dark currents on the body, anal fin is bright orange. The caudal fin is dark.

Miley krasnolesnyy or Milews-moon . One of the most beautiful representatives of herbivorous piranhas. In artificial conditions, it grows to 15 cm Has a slightly elongated body, a discoid shape. The eyes are large. The whole body is silver, there are many yellow-orange spots. Continue reading

Aquarium fish – than to guide the choice

There are a huge number of varieties of aquarium fish, each of which has individual qualities and appearance.

Aquarium fish are completely different shapes, sizes and colors.

Choosing fish for your aquarium, you need a balanced and reasonable approach to this procedure. The first thing to consider the compatibility of the fish and size of aquarium. Is that some sort of fish grow larger than their neighbors and just eat them.

Different types of aquarium fish prefer to dwell in different water layers, some prefer is always at the bottom, some in the middle layers, and at the surface. So, if you want your aquarium to be balanced and everywhere were its inhabitants, it is necessary when selecting the fish to take into account this fact.

Types of aquarium fish

There are two main types of aquarium fish is viviparous and ikromechuschie. Viviparous fish giving birth in the form of small shaped fish. Continue reading