Tropical aquarium fish, hardy water plants, start aquarium
Where fish feel good Many dream though time to look at the secret underwater world of the Amazon or the current in the jungles of Thailand, the Creek. Or ever…

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The five most dangerous fishes in the world - not encountered in our waters
The most surprising,unusual and interesting Well, none of these most dangerous fish in the world . not found in our waters. Verrucosa or fish – stone. The most venomous fish…

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Garden pond – a pond with his hands – Online magazine about the repair

Building a garden pond . in common parlance called simply “ film pond ” is logical and reasonable to begin with the design stage.

First you need to determine the site – it should be away from trees with a strong root structure. Perfect location garden pond is half the film of the reservoir cover shadow, the other half is under sunlight.

Otherwise in the summer sun, the water will begin to turn green, or “bloom” because of the huge number of microorganisms rapidly proliferating in the bright summer sun.

Hereinafter, the shape of the pit.

Garden pond rectangular or square shapes will look not quite natural, but as artificial construction. We are committed to the natural mind, isn’t it?

With the shape decided, now the depth of the film of pond per square meter of surface shall be at least 350-400 litres of water. If you plan to colonize fish, at least 900-1000L. Continue reading

Fishing on the pond, Tsibulevo.

One of the most powerful and glorious, carp team Cherkassy (daughter and I) went to hone skills on your favorite body of water. Left after the rain, which in itself is pretty adventurous or adventurous and even cheekily (as Scully teaches) for the SUV yet, but the downloaded cyprinid gonad Focus, to go down to the pond not just. What were the witnesses left by then – there – here, bogged down in the clay, the machine the less fortunate anglers. Spent a half hour searching for the animal and not just the trails that would drive up to the water. Showing remarkable resourcefulness ingenuity and a fair share of courage (especially the younger crew member), with the support of fisherman on the SUV (if that call – out), made it to shore.

The best places are already occupied, but we are not accustomed to retreat – our fish we will catch. Was told to do. Omarkhanovich, decided I’m going to be chasing on the far turn, improving complementary feeding in the rocket at a distance of 80 meters, plot daughters on the border of the transition clean, sandy silty bottom, on the level of its cast of 30 meters. Sacrilice, arrived. Wait. Continue reading

Diplostomum fish and their importance for pond culture
Advanced technology: fish Farming Diplostomum fish and their importance for pond culture Fish farming Diplomacy ( Diplostomoses ) is a widely common disease of freshwater fish caused by metacercariae of…


What's the use of marine fish? (The main thing that distinguishes marine fish from freshwater is far greater content of complete protein)
Many of you know, the fish – a valuable product for our body. It contains a lot of useful and necessary substances for our health. But not very many people…

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